Part 1: Neo-Atheism

Chapter 1: Who Are the New Atheists?

Chapter 2: The New Atheists and the Old Testament God

Atheists have existed since ancient times, and the percentage of self-proclaimed atheists in the United States has not gone up since the advent of the New Atheists. The New Atheists are characterized by passionate zeal and heat in their arguments, even though they claim to be scientific and rational. Despite their claims, their arguments have been recognized by experts — both Christians and atheists — as being extraordinarily weak. They also refuse to acknowledge that atheism has been responsible for certain global atrocities, while refusing to give Christianity any credit for doing anything good in human history.

Although many writers have provided responses to the New Atheists, there is more work to be done in answering their charges against the morality of God in the Old Testament. Their rhetoric is very pointed as they cite problem after problem with God and Old Testament ethics. They depict God as a horrible, cruel, blood-thirsty monster, who gave commands that are entirely immoral. These charges need to be answered by carefully examining the relevant passages in the Old Testament.